Banane Metalik (FR)

The French band BANANE METALIK has baptised its music Gore’ n’ Roll and describes it as a mix of cinematographic and musical culture.

Through its extensive worldwide touring, the band became renowned for their unique universe and the energy unleashed during live shows.

With their discography, BANANE METALIK has gradually gained in popularity, and has now positioned itself as a pioneering force in the European Rock n’roll scene.

BANANE METALIK enjoys great popularity around the world , their first two albums " Requiem de la Dépravation " and " Sex , blood and gore'n'roll " have been subject of numerous international release. Since these countries are regularly visited  (Europe , Usa , Japan, Brazil , Russia ...)  and the growing number of their audience plebiscite their shows .

Their latest album " NICE TO MEAT YOU " breathing a savage rock'n'roll and reveals different universe on each track. With no regard to borders and genres , each song has a great production.

Many musical contributions enrich forcefully some compositions :  theremin and violin on burton pieces (" Strip or die "), parts of organ tortured for a healthy dose of garage punk  ("Chair et tendre "), a mexican trumpet beyond the grave for "Santa muerta "…

The result is an uncompromising ferocity, 14 songs with a jubilant frenzy and unleash rhythm of a sexy and creepy imagery.

From may to the end of 2013, many dates of  "THE GOREFATHER TOUR " were sold-out .

From september to december 2014, the  “FUNERAL TOUR”  included 45 worldwide gigs (Canada, Russia, Europe..)  with an amazing bloody rockin’show.

"The Gorefather", 6-tracks maxi EP will be released internationally (Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico...) in September 2015.

In order to promote this new release, the band will kick off the second part of their "Gorefather Tour".

Although the band's live performances have contributed to their wild and successful reputation, these new songs are an exhilarating tribute to their musical background. It is the artistic testimony of an outstanding band.

Let this be known, this is high class rock 'n' roll with a solid dose of sulphur!

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