Hammerlock (USA)

As HAMMERLOCK enters 17 years of existence I can’t help but think not a damn thing has changed about us. We have been mixing genre’s into a lethal musical Molotov cocktail of 70′s rock, 80′s hardcore, and shit kickin’ country for over a decade and a half. we have released six full length records a hand full of seven inches, appeared on numerous comps, and one ten inch split. we have had the good fortune of working with many great indie labels such as MANN’S RUIN,TKO, Baloney Shrapnel,proud to be an Idiot, Steel Cage and Devil Shit Burner. In 2010 we launched our own indie label COLORADO MOUNTAIN GOAT records. CMGR’s first release and HAMMERLOCK’s latest and best release thus far was “LET THE BAD TIMES ROLL” in my opinion the album really captured the mood for us and many Americans as well as people all over the world these last three very troubling years. Hopefully these next few years will improve and we can make an album about good times.

"We have played with some great and legendary bandsANTiSEEN, Hellstomper, Cocknoose, Roller, The Wreched Ones, Rancid Vat, Lime Cell, The Jabbers, HIT & RUN, ZEKE, JOE BUCK, BEFORE I HANG, Queens of the Stoneage, THE HOOKERS, REO SPEEDEALER, ALTAMONT, ACID KING, UNIDA, Turbo Negro, FU MANCHU, BUCK CHERRY, Flogging Molly, The Lewd, Papa Roach, CHANELL 3, Hammercocks, The Forgotton, THE ADZ, The Bodies, The Stitches, BONECRUSHER, HONKY, FRACAS, The Bulmics,The Mentors, MURDER JUNKIES, Bob Wayne, Lisa Miller and Her Kin and many many more!"


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