The Hookers (USA)

                                                    THE HOOKERS

The Hookers (Kentucky)

Hall Stan! The Southern Gods of Satanic Punk started plaing in the summer of 1994 in Lexington, Kentucky, Formed by Adam '' The Rock n Roll Outlaw Neal. (blade of the ripper, Nasville Pussy) Noel'Stoney Tobs'Reucroft and Johnny 'Hotrod' Evans. Originally taking a more Johnny Thunders Classic punk sound. by the bands own standards they didnt officially become The Hookers until 1996. When they morphed into the satanic punk/metal nightmare they were known for.

This change was reportky due the Rock & Roll Outlaw watching Paul Naschy's 'Werewolf VS the vampire Woman 26 times straight through while experimenting with LSD. The Rock n Roll Outlaw later Claimed that all the songs from The Hookers first album ''Satan Highway'' came to him in a dream after sleeping in abandoned graveyard, again there were claims of LSD.
This fact would explain the sudden shift from the Rock & Roll, baby of their 1st 7'', to the hail Satan'' sound they created.
They have released 2 full albums, 3 live albums, 2 Ten inch E.P's, 11 singles and appeared on multiple compilations.
They have graced labels such as Sub Pop, Get Hip, Scarey, Sack-o-Shit, Black Lung, Scooch Pooch, Crypt, Devil Doll,
Splattered, Smut-E, Tee Pee, Sonambulo, Red Tornado, Repent, and Man's Ruin.

Known for there raw enercy and intensity live, they drew quite a cult following worldwide and are currently recording new material. The Hookers make music for true obscure metal punk fanatics. Beyond underground and cult, there is no other band like the Hookers.

Rock n Roll Outlaw
The Weedian
County Fair
Juan Badmutha
Max Ohms

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