69 Charger

69 Charger

Eindhovens’ finest garage rock ‘n roll band 69 Charger started at the end of the last century with the release of their first single “I’ve got a feeling” - a song about a feeling that good things were to come, and that certainly became reality. The band played hundreds of shows for excited crowds in the Netherlands and Europe, released three albums and a handful of 7” and 10” records. They shared the stage with kindred spirits like the Dwarves, 9 Pound Hammer, Cosmic Psychos, Supersuckers, Zeke, and many more.

Now, after a 15 year long hiatus, 69 Charger is back. The band is featured on the soundtrack of the Netflix movie White Noise - to be released worldwide in December ‘22, by director Noah Baumbach and starring Adam Driver.

Like the legendary car they’re named after, 69 Charger is known for it’s straight-line speed and looks. And now, restored and tuned, 69 Charger is back in action - it’s engine performing better than ever, giving the competition a run for their money again.







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