The Spades

the Spades,

Classic Eindhoven rockcity ensemble, "part of the problem since 1999" arte coming to you for one reason only...  Pay back time.
So lock up your daugthers and be aware, because these boys mean business and business is mean! the dictionairy says:  Spades 3a Eindhoven rock city punk ensemble, explicit lyrical and dynamic sound of self abuse, self harm and nihilistic drug
fucked fantasy documented in l.p, e.p and single format. But let’s not forget the most important, these punks made really awesome garage rock songs and blew all stages they played! UK music magazine Kerrang! Put it like this in their review of this album: “These boys mean business and business is mean! Your collection needs this album almost as much as anyone who crosses the Spades needs a dentist!”

Line up;

Denvis Grotenhuis

Daan Koch

Peter van de Sanden

Bart Geevers

Roel Blommers

For exclusive shows 2023.

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