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It doubtlessly takes a lot of mental strength to stay on your chosen path, despite all the imponderables that the music industry entails. Transport League from Sweden are a prime example of determination and perseverance. As the critics’ faves, they have been praised to the skies, as a down-to-earth band they’ve always remained in tune with the times and close to their fans, while their rhythmic, powerful and stylistically diverse heavy metal has left an impressive mark on the international hard’n’heavy scene. Transport League are set to launch another artistic landmark on 28 July 2017, when the band are scheduled to release their new album TWIST AND SHOUT AT THE DEVIL on Rodeostar/Soulfood before going on to present their latest material live on stage with their familiar merciless energy. That’s when everybody will understand why the media like to refer to the group’s style by the album title of its 2014 release: BOOGIE FROM HELL!

Said boogie is also present on TWIST AND SHOUT AT THE DEVIL, albeit not exclusively so. Transport League appear to have opened Pandora’s metal box with intent and are now busy blazing their trail through all those strong ideas that they have unleashed. “Of course there’s boogie again, but also doom and hardcore, fast songs and hard riffs,” vocalist/guitarist Tony Jelencovich describes the new album. “Our sound may have changed a few times, but not the band’s raw power and our penchant for strong grooves.” The three longstanding band members Tony Jelencovich, Peter Hunyadi (guitar) and Mattias Starander (drums) recorded the album together with Transport League’s new bassist Dennis Österdal who has joined the fold to replace Lars Häglund, the latter having had to leave the group due to health problems.

Jelencovich is referring to rigorous numbers such as ´Cannibal Holobeast`, set to be supported by a video clip, which has him state: “This is my sabotage.” The merciless ´Winter War` which tells the story of Finnish soldier Simo Häyhä, deployed in WWII as a winter sniper and referred to as “White Death” by the Red Army, features a similar attitude. ´Swine To Shine` is no less uncompromising, Transport League by all appearances having been inspired by acts such as Black Sabbath and certainly doing the term ‘doom metal’ credit.

Talking of inspiration: “TWIST AND SHOUT AT THE DEVIL is a return to our own roots and mixes them with influences that had already surfaced on our two previous releases BOOGIE FROM HELL and NAPALM BATS & SUICIDE DOGS,” Jelencovich summarises the basic direction of the new material. “We’ve consciously kept the album’s sound natural so that it has an analogue flair. Especially the drums sound very organic.” In addition, the album features another typical characteristic of the musicians involved. Jelencovich: “Transport League have always been a band with a sense of humour, we love plays on words and tongue-in-cheek hommages to our idols.” He is referring not only to the ambiguous album title which hints at both the Beatles (´Twist And Shout`) and Mötley Crüe (´Shout At The Devil`), but also to the album opener ´Destroy Rock City` with its Kiss references (´Detroit Rock City`) in terms of its name and its riff. The same can be said of ´Bad Voltage`, which brings to mind Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, Marshall amps and Gibson guitars – all of them synonymous with timeless rock´n`roll.

TWIST AND SHOUT AT THE DEVIL was produced at Oral Majority Recordings and at the Grand Recordings studios under the direction of Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Sonic Syndicate, Mustasch), who also mixed the album. The impressive cover artwork was designed by Axel Widén and presents creatures (werewolf, pig, sloth) from the album’s lyrics – a real eye-catcher which pleasantly sets itself apart from the usual metal standards.

About twenty years after the arrival of their debut STALLION SHOWCASE, Transport League are ready to present TWIST AND SHOUT AT THE DEVIL – not only their seventh album to date but further evidence of their inexhaustible creative power. The scheduled tour in autumn 2017 is certain to reinforce this positive impression.




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