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“An exiting trip on the main roads and backstreet alleys of Crime, Horror, Erotica, Science Fiction en Spaghettiwesterns.”

Almost everyone is familiar with the European/ American b-movie/ grindhouse/ exploitation genre from the sixties and seventies. Films that seem to be a bit extraneous, but somehow irresistible. The score from these films, the music, plays a big part in this phenomenon. The music may be, like the movies themselves, a bit out-dated, yet at the same time, it is still very interesting. It has a swing, it’s cool, erotic and dangerous.
Think for instance about Italian movies, like ‘La Polizia Ha Le Mani Legate’, a spaghetti western, like ‘The Good, the Bad & the Ugly’, secret agents, like ‘Diabolik and Mission Impossible’, and the naive soft erotica from ‘Black Emanuelle’ and sci-fi babe ‘Barbarella’.
 These are just,  one could say, the ‘well known’ b-movies. But the treasury of b-movies that have fallen into oblivion contains much more gems.
There’s so much more for time traveling to the special ambiance of the b-movie era, attractive for everybody, young and old.

B-movie Orchestra
In 2009, drummer, producer Baz Mattie decided that the time had come to create a large group of musicians and visual artists to assemble his favorite music, with a visual experience. Thus B-Movie Orchestra was born with the ultimate goal is to give he audience an unforgettable B-Movie experience.

Funky big band psycho-beat for erotic thrilling fiction would be the musical wrap up of B-Movie Orchestra has to offer you. Groovy, raw psychedelic music, combined with Big Band and dark mystic rhythms. 

Vocalists with B-Movie Orchestra are The Cinematic Fever Girls. Don’t expect too much from the lyrics though, they’ll stick to some delightful Aaah’s and heavenly Ooooh’s, so much for libretto. These exclamations of voluptuousness however, are served to you with such a large amount of empathy, that there wouldn’t be much of a B-Movie Orchestra without The Cinematic Fever Girls.

During a live performance of B-Movie Orchestra, music and image are fired simultaneously at you, mashing sound tracks and filmclips to a Total B-Movie Experience.
Listening to the eye you will see a dazzling array of paramount excerpts of movies from which the music has been taken.
A visual world where the guns are shooting, the cars are chasing, the erotica intoxicates and where cartoon heroes transform into moviestars.
To complete the B-Movie ethos, the music is staged and supported with a truly magnificent interactive visual performance of the creative image sampler Jochem van Tol.

The Ultimate In Thrilling, Erotic And Raunchy Filmmusic!! Volume 1
Released in January 2012
The Ultimate In Thrilling, Erotic And Raunchy Filmmusic!! Volume 2
Released in January 2013

B-MOVIE ORCHESTRA: The Ultimate In Thrilling, Erotic And Raunchy Filmmusic!!

Drums: Baz Mattie. 
Percussion: Rudi de Graaff
. Guitar: Jac Bico. 
Bass: Bart De Ruiter
. Hammond Organ/ Piano: Anne Punt Trumpet: Dirk Beets, Wouter Hakhoff
. Saxophone: Arend Bouwmeester. Trombone: Jos van den Heuvel. 

VJ: Jochem van Tol.
The Cinematic Fever Girls
Vocals/Dance: Ilse Heus, Nanette Drazic


* New CD in 2016!
The Ultimate In Thrilling, Raunchy And Erotic Filmmusic!! Volume 3
* BMO live club & theatretour 2016
MUSIC!! FILM!! SHOW!! Featuring The Cinematic Fever Girls!! A 12 Piece Killer Orchestra!!

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