Soz Concerts care in addition to the bookings for a number of bands / Arti voice management. Under the management tasks are all possible cases, which bands / artists allows them to fully focus on their musical activities. This could include;

- Identify the purpose of the band
- Tuning of band ideas and management philosophy Soz Concerts
- Making time schedules
- Guidance in demo tracks and song choice
- Negotiations with record companies, producers, etc.
- Contracting
- Marketing plans
- Develop booking strategy (locations, construction, mortgages and preconditions).
- Combinations of crew and production team
- Grant - Applications
- Financial aspects
- Online activities, social media
- Promotional and sponsorship activities
- Press contacts

Soz Concerts being the spider in the web between the band and all interested companies.Een good communication and agreement on the way forward between all parties is essential. Soz Concerts brings in all this a few years management experience as well and is good balance between musical credibillity, commercial aspects and the  interests of all parties. The band is regularly sat at the table to reflect and discuss improvements, where needed.

Bands and DJs which we currently provide for its management;

Karma to Burn (USA), Cords, del-Toros, Dishking,  Peter Pan Speedrock, HONKY (USA) AGENT EUROPE, Shaking Godspeed, Automatic Sam, Battles of 1977, Four Headed Dog, Candybar Planet, Junkstars, Princeton, The Mad Trist, Komatsu, de Geweldigheid,

SOZ Concerts

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