SOZ Concerts has an in-house Publishing Company for publishing , managing and administration of songs. This company is called "No Free Lunch" . NFL cooperates on a continue basis with the large publisher BMG/Talpa Music and manages a large catalogue of songs (over 5000 titels), all registred at the Dutch BUMA/STEMRA organization. Apart from normal cash flows from sales and airplay, NFL will also try to promote songs for commercials purposes. In this respect, you can imagine soundtracks, commercials and compilations. Regarding soundtracks, Nuff Said composed songs for the Dutch movie " Wilde Mossels" and as for commercials, the 16Down-track " If the Money's Right" has been used in a special Pepsi-campaign. Recently, some tracks from our catalogue have been used for commercials, like Racoon (Calvé), Marco Hovius/16Down (Beck’s Beer, Germany) and Peter Pan Speedrock (Suzuki, Germany), Shaking Godspeed (Vodafone) Some of our composers are also writing songs for other artists.

At this moment we manage the publishing rights for:
Automatic Sam, Bart Nederhand (o.a. Powernap, Speedmomile), Bart Geevers (Speedmobile),Black-Bone, Bokkers, Candybar Planet, Cords, Cool Genius, E1 TEN, El Guapo Stuntteam (B), Erik Neimeijer (o.a Bokkers, lorainville), Erik van Haaren ,(o.a. Switch Bones,undeclinable ambuscade) etc, D-Deadly, Guy Pek (o.a. Granadeers, Nachtschade, Fire-Horse , Hey Kid,  Hallo Venray , I Against I , Karma to Burn (US), Kevin Stunnenberg (o.a. Birth of Joy / Fire - Horse),  Komatsu, Macronizm, Mark Foggo,  Nuff Said, Patrick Tilon (battles of 1977), Peter van Elderen (o.a Tankzilla, Fire-Horse), Peter Pan Speedrock, Repomen, the Apers, the Goods, 16 Down, Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation, the Shavers, Sander Broersma (Skroetbalg), Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, Sunnpimp , Shaking Godspeed.Treekillaz"', and many more...

We manage fullness or parts of the publishing rights for:
Racoon, Krang/Andre Manuel, Martin Korthuis, Dicemen,  Soundsurfer, Dicemen, Luie Hond, Jovink en de Voederbietels, HendrikJan Bokkers, DJ Rockid, Stereo, Birth of Joy (bob Hogenelst).

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