European deal and tour for Lesoir


Lesoir signs European deal with Glassville and goes on tour with Scandinavian band Evergrey

In November 2014, Lesoir released their third album 'Luctor Et Emergo' through V2 Benelux and have now signed an international deal with Glassville supported by a European tour.
Last summer, Lesoir surfaced from two weeks interned at the famous Airfield Studios in England to work with top producer John Cornfield (known for his work with Supergrass, Muse & The Stone Roses) to work on the follow up of  their second record 'Transience'.
The new album ‘Luctor Et Emergo' has been successfully released in Paradiso Amsterdam and in a follow up support tour, the band will play several shows in the Netherlands, Germany and France along with 'The Pineapple Thief' (UK). The record and band have received fantastic reviews and has drawn the attention of Glassville, home of 'Riverside', 'Crippled Black Phoenix', 'The Pineapple Thief' and many others. The international release is scheduled in mid-March.
In further support of this release, Lesoir can look forward towards a ten-day European tour as the main support for 'Evergrey'. A Scandinavian band that after 15 years are still regarded to be at the top of their genre. Shows are scheduled in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
The international sound of Lesoir lends itself to look beyond national borders as witnessed already by the current successes in France, UK and China. With Glassville as a partner and the upcoming tour with Evergrey, Lesoir hopes to further expand its foreign ambition.

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