Exclusive premiere "Murky Water" Candybar Planet


Candybar Planet is back in business!

Candybar  Planet was founded in 1994 in Eindhoven and was at the base of the  Eindhoven Rock City movement together with Peter Pan Speedrock and 7 Zuma 7 later joined by The Spades and other bands. 

With their ruthless  grooves and catchy vocals they’ve spread their stoner vibe across the Dutch venues for almost a decade. After their famous "army tent" performance at Dynamo Open Air in 1996, the band was in a winning streak.
With their full album 32 BiTCH and the untitled EP they soon gained fame in the rest of Europe.Candybar Planet decided to retire at their top in 2002 leaving the stoner fans in grief only to re-appear for a one time reunion at the official opening of the new Effenaar in 2005.
Because true rockers never die founding members Murphy van Oijen on guitar and vocalist/guitar  player Richard 'Luke' Plukker are re-emerging in 2011, with Koen Rijnbeek on drums.
With their first shows at the Effenaar, Paaspop and Speedfest, Candybar Planet has proven it is still representing the international stoner top.In september 2013 they released their first new album since 2000: Timelapse.

Watch here the exclusive premiere of the new video for 'Murky Water', which was shot at the Evoluon in Eindhoven.  

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