Banane Metalik (FR)

The french band BANANE METALIK created " Gore'n'roll " and describe it as a mixture of horror and rock'n'roll. Their lyrics are inspired by horror culture, but also claim the refusal of artistic conformity.

Their shows have greatly contributed to the band's  reputation : communicative energy, kickass songs, make-up, go-gore dancer ...

BANANE METALIK enjoys great popularity around the world , their first two albums " Requiem depravity " and " Sex , blood and gore'n'roll" have been the subject of numerous international release. Since these countries are regularly visited  (Europe, Usa , Japan, Brazil , Russia ...)  and the growing number of their audience plebiscite their shows .

Their latest album " NICE TO MEAT YOU " breathing a savage rock'n'roll and reveals different universe on each track. With no regard to borders and genres , each song has a great production.

So many musical contributions enrich forcefully some compositions :  theremin and violin on burton pieces ("Strip or die "), parts of organ tortured for a healthy dose of garage punk ("Chair et tendre "), a mexican trumpet beyond the grave for "Santa muerta "...

The result is an uncompromising ferocity, 14 songs with a jubilant frenzy and unleash rhythm of a sexy and creepy imagery.

From may to the end of 2013, many dates of their tour "THE GOREFATHER TOUR "were sold-out .

With this recognition, the band decides to take the way of the studio for a special project : a 5 tracks EP scheduled for September 2014.

A new video and a vinyl will be release too.

Don’t miss BANANE METALIK, their shows are hotter than hell!

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