(The) Mullet Monster Mafia (BRA)

Formed in late 2008 by Emiliano Ramirez on drums, JC Molôncio on trumpet, Ed Lobo Lopes on guitar and Mau Rivabem on bass, the first record of The Mullet Monster Mafia came out in January 2009.  Power Surf Orchestra, an  EP with four tracks, brought a different kind of surf music, more energized, like punkrockers surfing on the beaches of Dick Dale. The innovative sound put TMMM among the best of rock 2009 according sto the Brazilian Rock Press.

After a while, Mau Rivabem left the band and was replaced by  Mustafa Sniper. With Mustafa on bass, in 2010 the band made its first national tour, with the Californian punkrock legends, Agent Orange.

After that TMMM played at major festivals in Brazil, as Abril Pro Rock (PE), Virada Cultural Paulista (SP), Psycho Carnival (PR), GDP Festival (SP), Red Foot Stomp (PR) and did several smaller tours in several states in Brazil.

In 2011, for the recording of the second album, Dogs of the Seas, another change on bass, this time for the entry of Peter Pedrock. With the Dogs of the Seas, TMMM conquered space for the first tour in Europe, which went through Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. Dogs of the Seas also put the name of Mullet Monster Mafia back on the list of best rock of the year 2011 Portal Rock Press.

In 2012, with the departure of JC Molôncio and Pedroc bass, the remaining founders Lopes and Ramirez opted to continue the band as a trio (with Marcondes Verniz on bass) and they created a new style, called Power Surf.

Also in 2012, the band participated in two tours in Brazil with the The Mutants, from Finland and Spellbound, from Ireland.

Now a trio, the band keeps playing hard and getting ready for the second European tour. Besides the two official albums, the band has still participate in collections in Mexico (Marea Misterio vol. II) Germany (Dynamite magazine), Scotland, SPain, Usa, Argentina, Chile, and other countries.

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