DishKing began as a singer/songwriter, just a guy named Jason, singin' and playin his guitar. Layin down his heart and soul in a simple song. But one song follows the other by the sheer urge to do so and while feeling the comfort of bein in total self control, he thought about havin his own album with enough songs to be proud of as some kind of legacy. Doin the acoustic stuff led to think about recordin' electric stuff as well, since there were so many ideas in how to let a song have it's own sound. He found a producer, also drummer, called Dave vd Dries who was very interested and enthusiastic helpin him out and so the electric, and the acoustic music formed a more clear shape for the Album. Some say the "DishKing" sound has a vintage vibe in it, by hearin' songs in a weird combination of country/alternative/rock n roll/surf/punk and blues. Maybe that's what it is, a bit odd but lived.

DishKing knows what he is and what he wants to say, so not just a regular popstar showin' off here, nor fake or a total blah. He knows how he wants to sound and that he can deliver, that is somethin' that's clear now though the most important thing remains, his main goal is finishin' his Album to fill in the blank spot and emptyness that had to be answered during his music life


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