King Hiss (BE)

In the vicinity of Flanders Fields, the Belgian big bang is a well-known phenomenon. It
occurred during a thunderous night when H8000 legend Joost Noyelle, vocalist Jan
Coudron and rhythm section Dominiek Hoet and Jason Bernard decided to join forces.
Wayward sons only a mother could embrace. Their goal? Write earthshaking songs with a
nasty attitude. And conquer the world. Against all trends, with headstrong ways. King Hiss
was born. King of voracious riffs with vicious fangs and a bad breath … We’re talking

Meanwhile, things have moved at breath-taking speed for King Hiss. You must have lived
under a rock if you missed them at work. Sold-out clubs? Check! Festivals, both big and
small? Check! Features in all the relevant magazines, off- and online? Check!

Their previous records Snakeskin (EP) and full-length debut Sadlands - including a
collaboration with Dave Collins (QOTSA, Black Sabbath, Mötley Crüe, etc.) - received
overwhelming positive reviews. Both nationally and internationally.

But the stage is the natural habitat for these loud Vikings of the Low Countries. That’s
where they’re at their best. Singer Coudron grabs every opportunity to exorcise his many
demons, as if it’s his last performance ever. Right by his side, Joost Noyelle (Congress,
Liar) can rightly be called a modest living legend. Providing 6-string riff tornadoes, with
melody and aggression in equal doses. Rhythm section Dominiek ‘Visioene’ Hoet (bass)
and Jason Bernard (drums) complete King Hiss as the musical version of a painting by
Hieronymus Bosch. Rougher than Ragnar’s beard and tighter than a duck’s ass, that’s
what you’ll remember about the four gents on stage.

For their last creation, Mastosaurus, King Hiss dove into the Oceanside Studio with
producer/drummer Ace Zec (Death Before Disco, Customs and Nailpin). The right person
to entrust their 10 songs full of grit to tape. No compromises, no pulling punches. 10
times TKO, causing maximum damage. The songs were then mixed in Austin, USA by The
Machine, known for his solid work for Clutch, Crobot, Fall Out Boy, Lamb Of God & We
Came As Romans amongst others. The mastering was done by Paul Logus (NY, USA). You
probably know him for his previous work for Anthrax, Clutch, Steel Panther and our very
own Diablo Blvd.

Mastosaurus contains 10 songs that follow a pitch-black storyline. The album portrays the
epic adventures of a doomed antihero. Fighting the demons in his head. The long, brave
battle and the refusal to simply accept an impossible fate. But are those demons ever
really conquered?



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