Brother Dege (USA)


Artist : Brother Dege AKA Dege Legg
Pronounced : DEEJ - LEG
Touring Act : Brother Dege & The Brethren 
Home : Lafayette/New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Grammy-nominated Brother Dege Legg (“Too Old to Die Young” from Django Unchained soundtrack) is one of the best-kept secrets in Louisiana; a musician, writer, artist, and heir to a long line of individualistic characters born and raised in the Deep South. Like the mad love child of Son House, MC5, and William Faulkner, Legg has burned a colorful trail to the Promised Land, working odd jobs, traveling the Deep South like an outlaw gypsy, and subverting the southern-conservative stereotype by espousing a open-minded lifestyle that avoids gross materialism, greed, and bigotry. 

Since the mid-90s, Brother Dege has experimented with slide guitars and Dobros to forge his own intensely original brand of “psyouthern” roots music - a self-invented style that blends folk, hard rock, country, post-punk, and southern gothicism with the emotional power of Delta Blues and exquisite song craft that yields a bountiful type of rural psychedelia. This amalgamation is truly an unrecognized monster that defies genre classification and has yet to be fully released upon the public.

In 2012, famed film director Quentin Tarantino personally hand-picked Brother Dege’s song “Too Old to Die Young” to be featured prominently in the movie and soundtrack to Django Unchained. The song has since become an underground classic of sorts, being repeatedly played on jukeboxes and covered in bars on all seven continents. Additionally, Brother Dege’s track “Hard Row To Hoe” has been featured theme song to Discovery Channel’s After The Catch, Nat-Geo Channel, and many others. 

Brother Dege is a true artist of the Deep South and his journey continues with raging slabs of godless summer heat, haunted redemption, and bell towers of experimentation. All three of Brother Dege’s albums - Folk Songs of the American Longhair (2010), How to Kill a Horse (2013), and Scorched Earth Policy (2015) - have revealed themselves to be tour de force masterworks that simultaneously honor the traditions of the past while lunging into the uncharted territory of the future with songs that range from ancient Delta-blues meditations to hell-fired southern barnburners. This is the face of the new south - a world of gentle savages, ethereal swamplands, free-thinking outlaws, and unexplored freedom.



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