Siena Root (SWE)

Siena Root came to life in Stockholm and is today considered one of the pioneering Swedish bands in old school rock music. They persistently pulled through with releasing their first album on vinyl back in 2004, long before the retro trend had people carrying down their old turntables from the attic. The quest to bring out the beauty of analogue music production to the listeners continued. The live act came to be an uncompromising show, using all the heavy vintage equipment that most bands lack the strength and passion to carry along. Even a full size multi-track tape recorder was brought on tour during the recording of the live album. The immense dedication to do it all the way is what made Siena Root stand out from the bunch.

With a vast discography and a reputation of being an extraordinary live act, Siena Root has now recorded their 7th album. The band has a long history of both recording and touring internationally. Siena Root is well known for their variety of appearances, with many great guest artists, broad musical range and different interpretations of rock music. The different shapes of Siena Root over time can be heard on the previous albums, which each has its own unique line up.

The upcoming release will be characterized by a tasteful combination of genuine songwriting and captivating improvisations, enjoyable for anyone who wants music to be "well done". In the spirit of keeping it real, all tracks are a hundred percent analog-produced, using only state of the art equipment from a time period when rock was still young. The music itself will remind listeners of the great rock era, yet putting a new perspective on the retrospect. Regardless if you like classic rock hits, trippy psychedelia or heavy blues, Siena Root is all about the genuine touch! 



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