The Midnight Ghost Train (USA)

“Blends gospel hymns of the sermon, down tuned rock and roll riffs of southern rock, and dark delta blues”

The Midnight Ghost Train is a heavy blues / hard rock band hailing from Topeka, Kansas. They have been most commonly described as hard rock, and related to bands like Kyuss, Black Sabbath, and Clutch. The band was originally formed by frontman Steve Moss in Buffalo, NY in 2008 – as a eulogy to his best friend John Goff, who had suddenly deceased a year earlier. “Something had to be done,” Steve says. “John’s memory and life has to be remembered in some way.” Moss then moved to Buffalo, New York planning to form a band, cut an album, and start touring. This was the idea and drive that fuelled The Midnight Ghost Train’s engine. The band's name comes partially from a Hank William's song lyric in ‘I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry’. The current line up consists of Steve Moss (guitar, vocals), Brandon Burghart (drums) and Mike Boyne (bass).

The Midnight Ghost Train is known for their consistent touring and highly intense, energetic, and loud live shows. Their first release was ‘Johnny Boy EP’ in 2008. In 2010, they self-released their first full length album ‘The Midnight Ghost Train’. The album was self-recorded in their home studio after the band relocated to Kansas. In 2012, the band released ‘Buffalo’ on Karate Body Records, which was well received by critics and fans alike, making several top 20 lists of 2012 and also rated “Best Stoner Rock Album Of 2012” by Heavy Planet magazine. ‘Buffalo’ was recorded entirely analog by Dave Barbe in Athens', Georgia Chase Park Transduction Studio. Displaying the band's delta blues influences, the album features a Lead Belly cover of ‘Cotton Fields’ done a cappella.

In 2013, TMGT played the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. After multiple line-up changes, they released ‘Live From Roadburn 2013’ on Roadburn Records. In 2014 TMGT signed with Austrian based metal label Napalm Records, whom released their third full length album ‘Cold Was The Ground’ in 2015. The album has a much faster tempo than previous releases, with more emphasis on song and lyric construction. Napalm will also release their latest album ‘Cypress Ave’ in August 2017. This album, straying away from their straight forward hard rock roots, focuses more on song writing and reflects their eclectic influences. The band’s records have been highly reviewed, and have been noted as some of the best music to come out in the past years. Their intense, passionate, and soulful live shows have been reviewed as being some of the best of all times. No matter where they are or how many people they play to, you will never find TMGT giving anything less than their absolute best. Since their formation, they have been touring relentlessly in both the U.S.A and Europe, including tours with fellow road warriors Jucifer, Truckfighters, and Greenleaf. They’ve played various well known festivals such as Hellfest, Graspop, Motocultor, Deserfest, and Stoned From The Underground.




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