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Rob Klerkx is well known as drummer for bands like Moke and Paulusma, but is mainly active as songwriter and frontman for his own collective Rob Klerkx & The Secret. “Essentially I’m a songwriter, that also plays the drums. Music is such a beautiful medium to talk about the big subjects in life. That’s my passion; sharing and connecting with people. That’s what I admire in artists like Damien Rice, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and bands like Pearl Jam and The Black Crowes.”

The music itself is often described as ‘explosive americana’, but surely there’s so much more to that. With his band The Secret, Rob Klerkx tries to break through the boundaries of various musical dimensions. De band explores a broad range of genres and balances between being experimental and writing & playing great songs about the big subjects of life.  Either live on stage or recording in their studio, Rob Klerkx & The Secret likes to push the musical limits; the band’s musical roots can be found in straight pop, psychedelic rock, southern rock and soft Americana, influenced by the rich songwriting history of Nashville. Rob has a contract with the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), and frequently heads down to Nashville to play and write with local artists.

Rob Klerkx & The Secret released its current, seventh album ‘Fever Dream’ at the end of 2016. ‘Fever Dream’ is significantly different than its predecessor ‘Magnolia’. Resulting in a powerful rock album with a psychedelic edge, inspired by nineties rock bands. Rock that hits a progressive side, with great songs.




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