X Raiders

Yes! They're called the X Raiders. These five young men seek to wreak havoc within the boundaries of what it means to be rock 'n' roll: a wild and dirty mixture of everything truly heavy, fast and hard, in which the over-the-top Dutch rockers blend 80s metal and modern rock with a devastating under-the-belt attitude; crazy, energetic and powerful!

In 2017 their self-titled debut album, produced by Jochem Jacobs (Textures), will grab your throat and drag you neck-deep into an uncompromising mosh pit of rock 'n' roll madness. Expect a serious dose of high-energy heaviness, absurdist lyrics, intense riffing at unrelenting tempos, meticulously constructed compositions, all with plenty of curveballs to keep you guessing what’s coming up next.

So, what's their edge in all this? Their blazing live show and adrenaline-fueled bizarre stage antics have made crowds sweat across the Netherlands, and on stages like Paaspop, Zwarte Cross and Dutch primetime television talkshow 'DWDD'. And what's their twist? Underneath the obtrusive layers of perversity and hedonism, lie strong statements on post-sexuality and existence's futility, borne from the band's personal philosophies.

Following the trail of destruction left by bands like Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, Turbonegro and Dutch legacies like Peter Pan Speedrock, Rectum Raiders are the genuine after-birth of rock 'n' roll!


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Next gigs:

2/6/2021Muziek cafeHelmond
3/20/2021MusiconDen Haag
3/27/2021Jack's music BarZwolle
5/14/2021Luxor liveArnhem
7/11/2021Streetrock festBakel
7/18/2021Haltop festivalKoog aan de Zaan
8/21/2021Festival ZeeltjeDeest
11/19/2021Groene EngelOss