Sons of Morpheus (CH)

 Like a rolling stone...

What makes a good band? The songs? The excess? The looks? According to the major record companies or the shamelessly calculating hit producers, nothing else matters. One brief glance at the album charts or the radio airplay proves, however, reveals that this only leads to stagnation; welcome to insignificance. No, what makes music special is the life which is pumped into it. The sorcery. The magic. The inexplicable. Things that prosper once musicians find each other to unleash what has been inside of them anyway.

Three people, one mind

Enter Sons Of Morpheus. Three Swiss musicians with their fair share of experience and success behind them. Three Swiss musicians, united in wish and goal. „It is really hard to describe what is happening in this band“, vocalist Manuel Bissig states. „We are a unit following the same thoughts and the same aims.“ No words are needed to express what these are. You hear it. Feel it. With their self-titled debut, they evoke a sonic trance between Stoner, Blues, Rock and wavering psychedelia, between the golden aura of yesterday and the expectant hiss of tomorrow. „We didn't need to talk about a certain sound. It just happened to be there once we started playing together. That really was an exciting thing to behold.“

Beyond all rules

What unites Sons Of Morpheus with the heroes of the sixties and seventies, with all these iconic forefathers of our contemporary riff, is absolute freedom – a condition the vocalist misses in modern music. „Back then, the musicians didn't have to follow a lot of rules and could unfurl their art without any disturbance.“ That's why „Sons Of Morpheus“ shows a sense of jamming, of improvising and of courageous edges despite all that groove and Stoner dust – all being things not present in today's music. „It's all about the product now“, Bissig grumbles. „With Sons Of Morpheus, we're doing things the way we consider them right.“ According to the singer with the voluminous voice, you should stop thinking too much anyway. „Music coming from the heart is always successful – no matter if two people feel it or if you conquer the charts.“

The moment counts

The stage is essential for the band. They toured with instrumental Stoner idols Karma To Burn and already played in the United States. „We are a live band, thus we record live“, Bissig simply states as if this was no big deal at all. Not only the logical consequence, but their best decision so far, they say, was following an invitation of Karma To Burn to come to the States and record their new album with producing legend Jim Waters (Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). This record rumbles, it roars, it creaks as if the band was thrashing your living room. „I will never record any other way again!“, Bissig raves. „This single moment gives birth to something that is feeding on the emotions present in this room. In this moment, nothing else matters but playing together.“

Dreams, magic, freedom

Magic. A word often misused is exactly what distinguishes Sons Of Morpheus. With this band, three soulmates transcend the boundaries of music, act intuitively and profit from their unshakeable trust in each other. „As a trio, we combine ourselves to one single entity that unleashes a tremendous power“, Bissig rhapsodizes. „Each of us is carrying the sound of this band on his shoulders which is why it is so important for us to all think alike. I have never experienced something like this before – like a rolling stone gathering more and more momentum.“ In this scenario, producer Waters can be seen as the mediator between band and reality, so to speak. „He was the missing piece. He showed us how we could sound the way we always wanted to sound.“ The band spent five weeks in the United States – five weeks becoming more and more dreamlike. How fitting, then, that the Greek god of dreams inspired the name of the band. „It is hard for me to say whether this life is a dream or dreams are life. That's rather fitting for our music: It isn't rational. It is something that has to be felt as it transcends our human mind.“ And that's exactly what makes a good band.


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