Tio Gringo

Tio Gringo

Putting the trash in country since 2009

Tio Gringo is a combination of country like Johnny Cash and Hank
Williams III with a little twist of metal, psychobilly and rock ‘n roll. The
result is a mix which makes your throat go dry, and makes you hungry for beer
and whiskey.

The members of this band also play in bands like The Gecko Brothers and
Batmobile. That’s the experience you see and hear when you see them playing
live. The drumkit is selfmade out of a cementtub and some pots and pans and the
record is also selfmade in the home studio of Eric Haamers ( Batmobile) in the
south of The Netherlands. The goal is to keep our music as pure as it can be,
without too much effects.

This is the first record of Tio Gringo, after her release Tio Gringo
will continue playing in bars and festivals, like they will do at the Muddy
Roots Europe fest in Belgium this summer. They allready played as a support act
for Bob Wayne and The Pine Box Boys. On the tracks “My Sister And The
Neighbours Horse”and “Real Slut”you can hear “Possum” Carvidi of the Pine Box
Boys playing the banjo.

The record is for sale at Itunes and on a digipack CD. The worldwide
distribution will be coming up within a month.

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